Property development plan

Riviera Tulum consists of 66 hectares that, in addition to the residential lots, include wide roads, green areas, recreational and commercial areas, and all the needed services to live, such as electricity, water, sewage and rainwater drainage, and fiber optics.

At Riviera Tulum, we create the best conditions for each owner to develop the ideal space according to their taste and lifestyle.

Make your real estate investment in the best residential development in Tulum!

Plano Riviera Tulum

Project and Stages

The stages are carefully designed to offer residential and commercial lots and large green areas with parks for the use and enjoyment of our residents.


Plano Riviera Tulum 3


    Surface sq. mt % # of lots 
color area verde Green area  12, 852.29 2.12 11
color habitacional Residential  237,031.00 39.09 1,150
color condominal Condominium 51,767.83 8.54 27
color cafe Commercial  35,678.48 5.89 19
color vialidad Viality 209,786.69 34.60 --
Donation  57,183.64 9.43 13
color donación Donation viality bigger that 32 mt. 2,001.35 0.33 1
  Total surface = 606,310.28 100 1,221

In March 2008, after analyzing and studying the Master Plan, the Solidaridad City Council authorized the construction of the Riviera Tulum residential development, located in the western area of the city and consisting of 630 lots with housing services.


  Surface Has  Quantity  Unit 
H3 - 24 viv/ha 50.11 1,203 VIV 
H4 -60 viv/ha 10.52 630 VIV
  Tot. households= 1,833 VIV
  Unifamiliar = 1,150 VIV
  Multifamiliar= 790 VIV